US10194688B2 – February 5, 2019 – Medicament management kit

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Inventors :

George Roberto, Jr.;G. Timothy Ryan Roberto

Owner :

Roberto, Jr., George

Application Number :


Document Number :


Priority Date :

May 19, 2016

Filing Date :

May 19, 2016

Date of Grant/ Publication :

February 5, 2019

Class :

A24F9 / 16;A24B7 / 06;A24F9 / 04;A61J7 / 00


A medicament management kit for managing medical marijuana, wherein all the paraphernalia necessary for managing the storage and dispensing of medical marijuana are in a convenient and durable compact kit.


1. A medicament management kit, comprising: a main body; a lid pivotally coupled to the main body so as to moveable between a closed condition defining an interior housing and an open condition to access said interior housing; wherein the interior housing provides a stationary grinder portion connected to the main body and a rotating grinder portion connected to the lid, and wherein the stationary and rotating grinder portions abut in the closed condition; and an operative surface of the rotating grinder portion protruding through the lid, wherein the operative surface provides a grinder arm operatively connected to the rotating grinder portion for selectively rotating grinder portion rotates relative to the stationary grinder portion.


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