US10220061B1 – March 5, 2019 – Method of reducing stress and anxiety in equines

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Cynthia Denapoli; Albert Denapoli

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Priority Date :

September 26, 2017

Filing Date :

September 26, 2017

Date of Grant/ Publication :

March 5, 2019

Class :

; A61K36 / 00; A61K47 / 06; A61D99 / 00; A61K9 / 00


A method of reducing stress and anxiety in an equine comprising administering a therapeutically effective amount of a water-based cannabinoid formulation is provided, where the formulation contains no tetrahydrocannabinol. While many cannabinoids are suitable, the formulation may contain pure cannabidiol as the primary or only cannabinoid.


1. A method of treating behavioral issues caused by a competitive situation in an equine in need thereof consisting essentially of administering a therapeutically effective amount of a cannabinoid formulation which contains cannabidiol but which is free of THC, to the equine in need thereof to effectively treat the behavioral issues in the equine in need thereof, wherein the method is administered via an oral syringe.


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