US10247742B1 – April 2, 2019 – Compositions and methods for detection of target constituent in exhaled breath

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Michael Scott Lynn; Hamilton Roger Tang; Kate L. Bechtel; Peter A. Holst

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Priority Date :

January 19, 2018

Filing Date :

January 19, 2018

Date of Grant/ Publication :

April 2, 2019

Class :

; A61B5 / 097; G01N33 / 94; G01N33 / 58


Chemical compositions and methods provide labeling, detection and measurement of target substances in exhaled human breath, and can be implemented in connection with a handheld device—much like a Breathalyzer portable breath testing unit for alcohol—to support rapid quantification of levels of cannabinoid compounds, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), of suspected users at the roadside.


1. A method of detecting THC in exhaled breath, comprising: combining THC captured from an exhaled breath sample with a diazotized fluorophore in a solution to form a fluorescent-labeled THC adduct; detecting and determining a quantity of the THC captured from the exhaled breath sample by exposing the fluorescent-labeled THC adduct to a light source to produce a fluorescence and measuring the fluorescence.


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