US10272360B2 – April 30, 2019 – Phytochemical extraction system and methods to extract phytochemicals from plants including plants of the family Cannabaceae sensu stricto

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Inventors :

Frank Augustino Lopa

Owner :

Priya Naturals, Inc.

Application Number :


Document Number :


Priority Date :

August 5, 2017

Filing Date :

August 5, 2017

Date of Grant/ Publication :

April 30, 2019

Class :

; A61K36 / 185; B01D7 / 00; C11B1 / 12; G05B15 / 02; B01D3 / 38; B01D11 / 00; B01D3 / 10; C11B1 / 10; C11B9 / 00; A23L33 / 105


A method and system of and for extraction or removal of phytochemicals from plants, including those of the plant family Cannabaceae sensu stricto. More specifically, a method and system for extracting essential oils from plants, such as cannabis , without the use of a solvent.


1. A method for preparing a phytochemical extract from Cannabaceae plant material comprising the steps of: (a) placing Cannabaceae sensu stricto plant material in a vacuum chamber configured to hold the plant material and maintain a vacuum; (b) applying a vacuum in the vacuum chamber by an evacuation pump to cause at least one phytochemical to volatize and/or precipitate from the plant material; (c) heating within the vacuum chamber and holding the temperature to below 100° C. via a heat source to cause the volatilization of the at least one phytochemical; and (d) collecting the at least one phytochemical in a collection chamber in fluid communication with the vacuum chamber; wherein said collection occurs without using a solvent, thereby obtaining the solvent-less phytochemical extract, and wherein the phytochemical is selected from the group consisting of cannabinoids, terpenes, and combinations thereof.


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