US10278950B2 – May 7, 2019 – Therapeutic agents containing cannabis flavonoid derivative for ocular disorders

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Inventors :

Henry I C Lowe; Ngeh J Toyang

Owner :

Lowe, Henry I C Toyang, Ngeh J

Application Number :


Document Number :


Priority Date :

July 8, 2016

Filing Date :

July 8, 2016

Date of Grant/ Publication :

May 7, 2019

Class :

; A61K31 / 352; A61K36 / 185


The present invention provides a cannabis -based flavonoid pharmaceutical composition including any one or more selected from the group of Apigenin, Cannflavin A, Cannflavin B, Cannflavin C, Chrysoeriol, Cosmosiin and Flavocannabiside or their synthases, for the prevention and treatment of certain ocular diseases and related disorders.


1. A method for the treatment of myopia comprising administering to a patient in need thereof a compound having a chemical structure as shown below, or any pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof: wherein, R1 is a geranyl chain; and R2-R10 are independently selected from the group consisting of a hydrogen atom, a hydroxyl group, a methyl group, an alkoxy group, a carboxyl group, chlorine, bromine, fluorine, glutamic acid, and any salts of the foregoing; and A and B are both carbon atoms which are linked by a double (flavone) bond.


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