US10307446B2 – June 4, 2019 – Cannabis extraction method and compositions

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Michael Scott

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Priority Date :

March 10, 2015

Filing Date :

March 10, 2015

Date of Grant/ Publication :

June 4, 2019

Class :

; A61K36 / 00; A61K36 / 185; A61K36 / 886; A61K9 / 00


The present invention provides methods of extracting Cannabis plant material through use of aloe , compositions comprising the resulting Cannabis aloe extracts, methods of using the extracts to ameliorate skin conditions, and applicators for applying the extracts topically.


1. A method of making a freeze dried solid form of a Cannabis/Aloe vera extract consisting essentially of: a) obtaining cannabis selected from the group consisting of Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis and combinations thereof wherein the cannabis has been processed by one or more of cutting into pieces, milling, drying or powdering to thereby yield processed Cannabis; b) mixing the processed Cannabis with an extractant consisting essentially of an Aloe vera leaf liquid to form a cannabis/aloe vera mixture; c) extracting the Cannabis/aloe vera mixture by heating from about 40° C. to about 100° C. for about 1 to about 10 hours, thereby resulting in a Cannabis/Aloe vera extract; d) separating lipids and waxy ballast from the Cannabis/Aloe vera extract by filtration, centrifugation, screening, and/or decantation; and e) converting the Cannabis/Aloe vera extract to a solid form by freeze drying, wherein the cannabis consists essentially of cannabinoids.


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