US10308625B1 – June 4, 2019 – Extraction of cannabidiol

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Inventors :

Aari Ruben; Robin James Bach

Owner :

Ruben, Aari Bach, Robin James

Application Number :


Document Number :


Priority Date :

March 28, 2018

Filing Date :

March 28, 2018

Date of Grant/ Publication :

June 4, 2019

Class :

; C07D311 / 80; C07C37 / 70


The invention is methodology of producing a variety of cannabis derivatives such as THC, CBD, Delta-11, and budder. The technique involves the steps of: grinding a whole cannabis plant, including the root ball thereof, freezing the ground plant, soaking the frozen ground plant in a selected solvent, and, removing the solvent, thereby producing desired derivative of cannabis. Solvents include coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable oils, avocado oil, and seed oils.


1. A method of producing a refined delta-11 in cannabis consisting essentially of: a) grinding a cannabis plant chosen for its delta-11 levels; b) freezing the ground cannabis; c) soaking the frozen ground cannabis in a solvent; d) simultaneously applying pressure greater than 15 pounds per square inch and heating the frozen ground cannabis in the coconut oil in the range of 190-265 degrees F. for a period of between 45 minutes and 3 hours, thereby yielding a delta-11 cannabis budder; and, e) passing the delta-rich cannabis budder through a mesh screen to remove cannabis plant parts, thereby producing the refined delta-11 cannabis.


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