US10335713B2 – July 2, 2019 – Extraction apparatus and method

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Inventors :

Nicholas Tennant

Owner :

Precision Extraction Corporation

Application Number :


Document Number :


Priority Date :

March 18, 2016

Filing Date :

March 18, 2016

Date of Grant/ Publication :

July 2, 2019

Class :

B01D11 / 02; C07D311 / 80


An extraction apparatus and a processes for preparing extracts of natural products, such as plant material, and for preparing purified extracts from crude extracts of natural products by extraction with a non-polar solvent hot gas.


1. A closed-loop extraction apparatus for extracting constituent components from a plant material by exposing them to a solvent, the closed-loop extractor apparatus comprising: a solvent tank for receiving and collecting the solvent; a material tank for receiving the plant material and for receiving a liquid solvent from the solvent tank and exposing the plant material to the solvent for extracting constituent components from the plant material; a collection tank for receiving the solvent from the material tank including the extracted constituent components; and a cooled, inline lipid coagulation apparatus coupled between the material tank and the collection tank.


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