US10369178B2 – August 6, 2019 – Tobacco products with cannabinoid additives and methods for reducing the harm associated with tobacco use

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Eric Greenbaum; Kyle Kingsley

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Priority Date :

March 6, 2017

Filing Date :

March 6, 2017

Date of Grant/ Publication :

August 6, 2019

Class :

A61K36 / 00; A61K36 / 185; A61K31 / 047; A61K31 / 352; A24D3 / 14; A24B3 / 12; A24B15 / 30; A24D1 / 00


A substantially pure fraction of at least one cannabinoid is added to smokable or smokeless tobacco products to reduce the harm associated with tobacco use. The harm to be reduced includes irritation and carcinogenicity of tobacco. In a preferred embodiment a whole plant cannabis extract is mixed directly with the tobacco during the curing or manufacturing process. For cigarette applications the cannabinoids may be inserted into a cigarette filter, and/or paper. In other embodiments the cannabinoids are purified.


1. A method for reducing the harmful effects of tobacco use in a human in need thereof consisting essentially of administering to the human in need thereof tobacco and a microencapsulated highly purified isolate of a cannabinoid from cannabis to effectively reduce the harmful effects of tobacco use in the human in need thereof, wherein said cannabinoid is selected from the group consisting of tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol and mixtures thereof.


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