US10369304B2 – August 6, 2019 – Flow regulating inhaler device

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Perry Davidson; Aaron Schorr; Binyamin Schwartz

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Priority Date :

November 29, 2016

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November 29, 2016

Date of Grant/ Publication :

August 6, 2019

Class :

A61K9 / 00; H05B1 / 02; A24F47 / 00; A61K36 / 81; A61M11 / 02; A61M11 / 04; A61M15 / 00; A61M15 / 06; A61M16 / 14; A61M16 / 20; A61K31 / 352; A61K31 / 465; A61K31 / 05; A61K36 / 185


An inhaler device for pulmonary delivery of at least one substance from a drug dose cartridge to an inhaling user, including: a first conduit for conducting a carrier airflow to a proximal opening of a mouthpiece for use by the user; a holder configured to position the dose cartridge within the carrier airflow; and a second conduit for conducting a shunting airflow to the mouthpiece without passing through the dose cartridge position. In some embodiments, a controller connected to a valve controls a rate of carrier airflow, for example by controlling the shunting airflow, based on a sensor indication of airflow rate and a target airflow profile.


1. An inhaler device for delivering to a user at least one drug substance emitted from a dose cartridge, the inhaler device comprising: a heater assembly positioned to heat a source material comprising a drug substance, said source material contained within said dose cartridge; a holder configured to hold said dose cartridge at a dose cartridge position in which said at least one drug substance released from said dose cartridge enters a carrier airflow; wherein at least 90% of said carrier airflow is directed to pass through said source material within said dose cartridge, carrying said at least one drug substance away from said source material once said source material is heated by said heater assembly; wherein said heater assembly is positioned in proximity to said dose cartridge or incorporated therein when said dose cartridge is held by said holder; a first conduit for conducting said carrier airflow from said dose cartridge position to an opening through which the user inhales; at least one valve positioned and configured to affect said carrier airflow; at least one sensor positioned and configured for detecting at least one parameter indicating a rate of said carrier airflow; and a controller configured to control, by affecting said at least one valve, a rate of said carrier airflow through said source material within said dose cartridge based on said at least one parameter obtained by said sensor; wherein said controller controls said valve and said heater assembly to deliver a predetermined amount of drug substance based on the varying incoming carrier airflow sensed by said at least one sensor.


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