US10386353B1 – August 20, 2019 – Serial chemical extraction and spectrometric analysis system

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Inventors :

Omar Nabil Metwally

Owner :

Metwally, Omar Nabil

Application Number :


Document Number :


Priority Date :

June 26, 2017

Filing Date :

June 26, 2017

Date of Grant/ Publication :

August 20, 2019

Class :

G01N33 / 00; B01D11 / 02; G01N1 / 40


The system includes an infusion chamber to receive a selected amount of extraction solvent and a sample to be analyzed. The reagents are incubated in the infusion chamber, which is sealed at both ends by rubber stoppers and filter baskets. The reagents are agitated and incubated at the desired temperature for a specified length of time. One end of the infusion chamber is then replaced with a filter-funnel assembly, and a plunger is slidingly received in the opposite end of the infusion chamber to pressurize it and expel the contents of the infusion chamber. The filter-funnel assembly holds back solid matter while allowing the solution to pass through a funnel and either into a spectrometric cuvette. Spectrometry is used to identify compounds, varieties of cannabis , and calculate potencies of edible cannabis -infused products. This system serializes the infusion, extraction, filtration, spectroscopic analysis and can be operated by non-experts.


1. An extraction infusion testing device for facilitating chemical extraction of compound comprising: a sealed infusion chamber including graduated markings for volume; said infusion chamber comprising including an inlet for introducing a solvent and sample, mixing and agitating in said chamber; extracting with a solvent and separating through a serial filtration funnel assembly and an outlet which is operative connection with a detachable funnel assembly, in-line spectrometry cuvette, said infusion chamber including capping; said funnel assembly comprising a pliable filter funnel component including a mesh basket, a filter and rubber stopper wherein said funnel delivers filtered extractant into a detachable spout or a detachable light spectrometry cuvette, wherein said filter-funnel assembly attaches to both ends of said infusion chamber by aligning tapered ledges extending from the perimeter with the infusion chamber; wherein the filter-funnel assembly is twistable; and wherein the rubber stopper provides a waterproof and pressurization upon attachment to the chamber and filter assembly; said apparatus further includes a plunger assembly received by said infusion chamber for creating a seal between the plunger tip and infusion chamber to pressurize the infusion chamber to apply a force upon depression of said plunger to force said sample, solvent extractant through said filter funnel assembly; and wherein said detachable spout is insertable into the funnel filter assembly and from the infusion chamber which is connection with a receptacle or cuvette.


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