US10406186B2 – September 10, 2019 – Cannabis oil extracts and compositions

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Constance Finley; Luke McKee; Haley Poole Bestwick; Paul Roethle

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Priority Date :

January 29, 2016

Filing Date :

January 29, 2016

Date of Grant/ Publication :

September 10, 2019

Class :

A61K36 / 00; A61K36 / 185; A61K31 / 355; A61K31 / 353


The present invention provides cannabis oil extracts and compositions thereof, including cannabis oil compositions containing vitamin E, and methods for preparing the extracts and compositions. In some embodiments, the present invention provides a method for preparing a cannabis oil extract comprising eluting cannabinoids from cannabis plant material with a solvent to produce an eluate, filtering the eluate with a filter to produce a filtrate, evaporating the solvent from the filtrate with a distiller to produce a distillate, and purging the distillate under conditions sufficient to remove residual solvent, thereby preparing the extract. In some embodiments, the method further includes mixing a quantity of vitamin E with the extract to produce a cannabis oil composition.


1. A composition consisting essentially of: a cannabis oil extract, vitamin E, and one or more essential oils selected from the group consisting of lemon oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil; wherein the quantity of the cannabis oil extract ranges from about 50% w/w to about 90% w/w based on the total weight of the composition, wherein the quantity of vitamin E ranges from about 10% w/w to about 35% w/w based on the total weight of the composition; and wherein the quantity of essential oils ranges from about 0.1% w/w to about 10% w/w based on the total weight of the composition; wherein the cannabis oil extract contains: a neutral cannabinoid in an amount ranging from about 10% w/w to about 95% w/w, or an acidic cannabinoid in an amount ranging from about 10% w/w to about 80% w/w; and wherein the composition is contained in a vaporizer cartridge for pulmonary administration.


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