US10406453B2 – September 10, 2019 – Cannabinoid extraction process using brine

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Ryan Delmoral Ko; Brock Hughes; Krupal Pal; Alexzander Samuelsson

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August 24, 2018

Filing Date :

August 24, 2018

Date of Grant/ Publication :

September 10, 2019

Class :

B01D11 / 02; B01D3 / 08; B01D3 / 40; C07C37 / 50; C07C37 / 74; C07C37 / 00; C07C37 / 86; C07C39 / 19; B01D15 / 00; C07D311 / 80


Raw cannabis plant material is mixed with ethanol and spun-dry to extract cannabinoids. The ethanol may be chilled before adding it to the raw cannabis plant material, and a non-polar solvent stage may be used to increase the yield of the extraction. The resulting crude oil and ethanol with the dissolved cannabinoids is separated from the raw cannabis plant material and filtered to remove particulates, waxes, lipids, fats and dissolved impurities. The ethanol is then evaporated from the resulting mixture of oil and ethanol, and the remaining oil then undergoes brine-washing, decarboxylation and distillation to obtain the cannabinoids and other desirable volatile phytochemicals.


1. A process for extracting cannabinoids from raw cannabis plant material comprising the steps of: adding ethanol to dried and ground cannabis plant material to form an initial mixture; centrifuging the initial mixture to separate a crude oil and ethanol mixture from the initial mixture; treating the crude oil and ethanol mixture with charcoal particles, bentonite clay particles and magnesium oxide particles to remove unwanted components therefrom; evaporating ethanol from the treated crude oil and ethanol mixture to leave oil; washing the oil with brine; heating the brine-washed oil to convert THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) in the brine-washed oil into THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), resulting in decarboxylated oil; and distilling the decarboxylated oil to obtain cannabinoids.


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