US10408850B1 – September 10, 2019 – Method for target substance detection and measurement

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Michael J. Gordon; Louis Chin Jones; Michael Scott Lynn

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July 14, 2017

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July 14, 2017

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September 10, 2019

Class :

G01N21 / 64; G01N33 / 94; C07D311 / 82; C07D407 / 12; G01N33 / 58


Various embodiments for a hand-held device to determine a level of one or more cannabinoid compounds in exhaled human breath are provided; some embodiments may also determine a level of alcohol in the exhaled breath. The device may perform any of the following steps: capture, concentrate, separate, identify, and quantify the level of cannabinoids in the exhaled human breath. The device may use solvent extraction and liquid chromatography to concentrate and separate cannabinoids from breath contaminants, followed by selective chemical modification of the cannabinoids with a fluorescent indicator for quantification. The measurement methodology may also include real time calibration of the device and detection protocol using known cannabinoid standards, which are simultaneously analyzed along with an unknown, to quantify the level of cannabinoids captured from the breath sample. The capture and separation components, along with cannabinoid analysis standards, may be configured as part of a single-use, field-replaceable testing cartridge.


1. A method for detecting a substance in human breath, comprising: capturing a substance from a breath sample; combining a diazotized fluorophore with the captured substance in a solution to form an adduct with the substance; exposing the adduct to a light source to produce a luminescence; measuring the luminescence; and determining a quantity of the substance based on the measured luminescence.


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