US20190099736A1 – April 4, 2019 – Methods for Using Bentonite to Remove Pesticides from Cannabinoid Extract Oils

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Erwin Sibal

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Priority Date :

October 3, 2018

Filing Date :

October 3, 2018

Date of Grant/ Publication :

April 4, 2019

Class :

; B01J20 / 12; B01D15 / 30; B01D11 / 04


The disclosure provides methods and reagents for removing pesticides or pesticide residues from plant matter such as cannabis plant matter. The method uses adsorption on bentonite (bentonite scrubbing).


1 . A method for removing one or more pesticides from an oil extract of plant matter, the method comprising the step of extracting the plant matter to produce an extract, the step of filtering the extract with alumina and silica to produce a filtrate, the step of mixing the filtrate with one or both of (1) A suspension of bentonite in phosphoric acid, and (2) A suspension of bentonite in sodium hydroxide (NaOH), wherein the suspension has a volume.;
11 . A method for using bentonite to remove pesticides from an initial oil extract of cannabis , and wherein the initial oil extract comprises pesticides, wherein the method comprises scrubbing with bentonite, wherein the method comprises the steps of: (a) Mixing the initial oil extract with water and acidic water in order to remove water-soluble material from the initial oil extract, thereby producing a processed oil extract, (b) Adjusting the processed oil extract to a pH value of less than pH 3.0 or to greater than pH 12.0 to increase ionization of nitriles or pyrrole groups or of both nitriles and pyrrole groups, (c) Mixing bentonite with the processed oil extract that had been adjusted to a pH value of less than pH 3.0 or greater than pH 12.0, (d) Allowing pesticides to adsorb to the bentonite, and (e) Separating the pesticide-depleted oil extract from the bentonite, resulting in a pesticide-depleted oil extract.;
21 . A method for removing sugar from an oil matrix, the method comprising providing an oil matrix that contains at least sugar, followed by the steps of: (a) Dissolving an oil matrix to homogeneity, wherein the dissolving is in an organic solvent, (b) Cooling the oil matrix to about minus 50 degrees C., (c) Filtering and collecting the filtered material which is herein called a supernatant, (d) Alkalizing the supernatant and allowing phases to develop where the developed phases include an organic phase, (e) Separating the phases, (f) A phase collection step that collects the organic hexane phase, (g) Repeating at least once the phase separation step, (h) Adding bentonite to the organic phase followed by collecting the hexane layer, (i) The step of separating the hexane from the distillate oil, (j) The step of distillation to remove any residual hexane, wherein the method is performed in the order a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j.


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