US20190134531A1 – May 9, 2019 – System and Method for Extraction of Cannabis Oil from Cannabis Plant Materials

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Sean MaHannah; Carl Kirkconnell

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Priority Date :

November 7, 2018

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November 7, 2018

Date of Grant/ Publication :

May 9, 2019

Class :

; B01D11 / 02; C11B1 / 10


A system and method for extraction of cannabis oil from cannabis plant materials by further reducing the temperature of the extraction system effluent, which may be a mixture of solvent, the desired cannabinoids, and/or the undesired non-polar extracted waste from the plant material. This invention improves the extraction process by: 1) enhancing the rapid filtering of the waste material from the process stream, speeding up the overall process, and 2) improving the quality of the product, yielding a purer extract as evidenced, in part, by its lighter (yellow/gold) color as compared to less-pure green/brown extracts.


1 . A system for extraction of cannabis oil from cannabis plant materials, the system comprising: a. a solvent tank containing a solvent; b. a water-glycol chiller configured to cool the solvent tank; c. a dewar, located upstream of the solvent tank and upstream of a cryogenic control valve, wherein the dewar is configured to store liquid nitrogen; d. a flow regulator, located downstream of the solvent tank, wherein the flow regulator is configured to regulate the flow of the solvent through the system; e. a heat exchanger, located both downstream and upstream of the solvent tank, wherein the heat exchanger is configured to cool the solvent; f. an extraction column, located downstream of the heat exchanger, wherein the extraction column contain cannabis plant materials comprising cannabis oils; g. a filter stack, located downstream of the extraction columns, wherein the filter stack is configured to filter out cannabis oils; h. a collection pot, located downstream of the filter stack, wherein the collection pot is configured to collect the cannabis oils.;
10 . A method for extraction of cannabis oil from cannabis plant materials, the method comprising: a. vacuum pumping one or more solvent flow lines; b. cooling a solvent tank with a water-glycol chiller; c. cooling the solvent tank with nitrogen exhaust; d. regulating a flow of the solvent with a flow regulator; e. cooling the solvent with liquid nitrogen in a heat exchanger; f. directing the solvent through one or more extraction columns containing cannabis plant materials; and g. filtering out cannabis oils from the solvent, h. whereby the method results in the collection of the cannabis oils.


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