US20190142034A1 – May 16, 2019 – CANNABIS INFUSED BEVERAGES

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Inventors :

Andrew Clayton FORSYTHE

Owner :

Lost County, Inc.

Application Number :


Document Number :


Priority Date :

November 8, 2018

Filing Date :

November 8, 2018

Date of Grant/ Publication :

May 16, 2019

Class :

; A23L2 / 52; A23L2 / 38; C12G3 / 08; A23L33 / 105


Cannabis infused beverages, and a method and system for preparing the cannabis infused beverages. A dealcoholized cannabis infused beverage may include a dealcoholized beverage and a phytocannabinoid preparation. An entourage preparation including terpenoids may be included in the cannabis infused beverage. The entourage preparation may include a cannabis hydrosol. A non-alcoholic cannabis infused beverage may include a phytocannabinoid preparation and a cannabis hydrosol. The non-alcoholic cannabis infused beverage may be prepared from water, fruit juice, coffee, tea, or other base beverages.


1 . A method of preparing a cannabis infused beverage comprising: providing a dealcoholized beverage; providing a phytocannabinoid preparation; and introducing the phytocannabinoid preparation into the dealcoholized beverage to provide the cannabis infused beverage.


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