US20190143246A1 – May 16, 2019 – Closed loop chilled solvent feed for cannabinoid extraction

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Inventors :

Ryan Delmoral Ko

Owner :

Nextleaf Solutions Ltd.

Application Number :


Document Number :


Priority Date :

November 8, 2018

Filing Date :

November 8, 2018

Date of Grant/ Publication :

May 16, 2019

Class :

; B01D11 / 02; B01D15 / 18; B01D29 / 56; C11B1 / 10


Refrigerated solvent is fed through a cooling jacket around an essential element extraction vessel. After circulating through the cooling jacket, the solvent is re-chilled and at least some of the solvent is passed into the extraction vessel, in which essential elements dissolve into the solvent. Downstream of the extraction vessel, after adsorbent media treatment, the extracted oil and solvent mixture is filtered, in a chilled state, through one or more filtration units. A filtration unit may be a system of vertically oriented filters of decreasing pore size sealed and insulated from the atmosphere. Pressurized gas is used to force the oil and solvent through the filters. Each filter stage has a removable lid, which provides convenient access for replacing the filter cartridge without disturbing the thermally insulated sidewalls of the filter stage.


1 . A system for feeding chilled solvent through ground cannabis plant material, comprising: a cooling tank for cooling the solvent; an extraction vessel having a cooling jacket and an extraction chamber; a first fluid connection between the cooling tank and the cooling jacket for transferring solvent from the cooling tank to the cooling jacket; a second fluid connection between the cooling jacket and the cooling tank for transferring solvent from the cooling jacket to the cooling tank; and a third fluid connection, between the cooling tank and the extraction chamber, for transferring solvent from the cooling tank to the extraction chamber.


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