US20190167578A1 – June 6, 2019 – Transmucosal Delivery of Terpenes Via Edible Film

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Daniel Carew Sanders

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A61K9 / 00; A61K9 / 70; A61K31 / 01; A61K31 / 015; A61K31 / 045; A61K31 / 05; A61K31 / 121; A61K31 / 122; A61K31 / 336; A61K31 / 34; A61K31 / 352

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Priority Date :

November 16, 2018

Filing Date :

November 16, 2018

Date of Grant/ Publication :

June 6, 2019

Class :

Sanders, Daniel Carew


The present invention generally optimizes the means and effects of ingesting terpene compounds. As such, the intended effects on the user vary by compound formulation; while the specific process of consumption, and the formulations of the compounds themselves are proprietary. Currently, most of these terpene compounds are known, and consumed in various amounts and combinations as food flavorings; the present invention however, focuses the effects of these compounds to synergize with those of medical cannabis. Furthermore, due to the route of transmucosal administration of these terpene strips, the present invention expedites, optimizes, and elevates both the effects of Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp.


1 . A composition comprising: A. a film layer; B. a coating, wherein the coating is applied to at least one side of the film layer; and C. a nutritional supplement.;
6 . A composition, comprising: A. a film layer wherein the film layer is configured to rapidly dissolve in an oral cavity; and B. a coating comprising a terpene/terpenoid composition, wherein the coating is applied to at least one side of the film layer.


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