WO2019092688A2 – May 16, 2019 – CANNABIS CIGARETTE

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Inventors :

MORNEAU CHAPADOS, Mao - 2081 rue de Chambly, Montreal, Québec

Owner :


Application Number :


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Priority Date :

November 13, 2017

Filing Date :

December 18, 2018

Date of Grant/ Publication :

May 16, 2019

Class :

; A24D1 / 18


The cannabis cigarette is a new type of device for making cigarettes. Its particularity is to be able to manufacture cigarettes wholly or partially composed of cannabis. The invention makes it possible to manufacture them in industrial quantities.


Cigarette cannabis is an apparatus designed for the manufacture of cannabis cigarettes: This is an industrial process for making chain cigarettes; Cannabis is egraine to facilitate its insertion and present a homogeneous product; Graining reduces the size of cannabis, to make small particles; This prevents cannabis from tearing the leaf that makes up the cigarette.;
Cannabis is inserted into the cigarette to the bottom in a homogeneous way. The cigarettes may be conical or rectilinear; The process is for all kinds of cannabis (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid); It is possible to add flavors to paper or tobacco; The paper can be offered in different colors and the color can be modified by burning;
Unlike a seal, the cigarette does not need a folded tip.;
The cigarette can be produced with or without a filter.;
The cigarette may be composed wholly or partially of cannabis.;
The invention also allows the packaging of cigarettes in the form of individual packages, packaging of 2 to 5 units, packets of 20 cigarettes or boxes of 200 cigarettes.;
Packages can be made to distribute cigarettes one at a time.


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