It’s Film Week At MJPatents Weekly

This week, among other things, there were two new patents that issued with claims to thin films that deliver some kind of Cannabis-related formulations. Interestingly, at least by outward appearances, these inventors and owners are not related to each other—the inventions are independent.

One “film patent,” US10307394B2, entitled “Dosage delivery film” was invented by Sergey Y. Chistov and is owned by SPARTAK LLC of NEW JERSEY. Its claims are all about a cannabinoid-cyclodextrin complex which has a hydrophilic surfactant shell.

The other “film patent,” US10307397B2, having the title “Oral dissolvable film that includes plant extract,” was co-invented by: Eric Allen, Robert Davidson, Tony LaRosa and David Reid. The patent is owned by CONCEPT MATRIX SOLUTIONS and CURE PHARMACEUTICAL HOLDING CORP., both of CALIFORNIA. This patent claims an oral dissolvable thin film containing (a) water; (b) a binder; (c) a lipid; (d) glycerin as an emulsifier; (e) a cannabinoid; (f) a flavoring agent; (g) a sweetener; and (h) a powder coating; and a lot of other properties that define how it dissolves.

This coincidental issuance of two unrelated “film patents” on the same day is just one of many examples of the fact that in a booming industry there is plenty of room for innovation, and that patentable subject matter isn’t always as dominant and preclusive of other innovations in similar technologies as people think.

June 6, 2019

Holy Homeodomain Glabrous FrankenWeed, Batman!

This isn’t yet an issued patent, but it’s on the horizon…It’s published US Patent Application Number US20190119694A1, owned by Canopy Growth.  It’s a GMO Cannabis that, if successful, would have trichomes covering 50-100% of the plant.  Well yeah, maybe we don’t love GMOs all that much, but who wouldn’t love a pot plant that is ALL TRICHOMES?  C’mon, admit it.  (FYI, for you beginning genetic engineers out there, the “homeodomain glabrous” is language from one of the patent claims that is part of what will make the plant be covered in trichomes. You’re welcome.)

Really, though, this patent application does raise a lot of questions, so talk amongst yourselves, Cannabis community.

May 6, 2019

Edible Extravaganza

This week’s update features a collection of cannabis related food products. The first is a fun one: USD844280, a design patent for a waffle with a cannabis leaf design imprinted on it. Then there is a collection of applications by major pharmaceutical subsidiary Pivot Naturals which cover creating a powdered cannabis oil capable of being added to food and drink without altering flavor. Application US20190090527 provides a spherical edible shell for quickly releasing cannabis once ingested. But it’s not only humans getting the benefits of edible cannabis: US 20190091144 is an application for pet food supplemented with cannabidiolic acid. The field of edible cannabis is continuing to grow and provides compelling opportunities to innovate.

This week’s update also includes method for using cannabis to treat seizures, new methods of hydroponic cannabis growth and THC preparation, and even the use of cannabis material in selenium-based batteries.

April 5, 2019

Keeping Cannabis Use Low Key, and Finding Out Anyway

In news which will cause rejoicing among cannabis users with nosy neighbors, this week’s update includes US20190060501, an application for a smoke deodorizer affectionately known as “lowketoke”. It remains to be seen whether the USPTO will find it novel in light of every teenager who has stuffed a paper towel roll full of dryer sheets to disguise the smell of smoking. If accessorizing isn’t your cup of tea, other applications published this week provide a plethora of ways to use cannabis, including intranasal dry powder, long-release oral pellets, medicinal gum, and hydrogel applied to the skin.

Of course, as cannabis becomes legal for recreational use in more and more locations, law enforcement becomes more interested in determining whether someone has been using it. Enter CA2771830, the national stage of an international application for a portable cannabis breathalyzer. One has to wonder whether the recent decision to fully legalize cannabis in Canada played a role in the issuance of this patent. Regardless, as the methods of using cannabis expand, so to will the methods for determining whether someone has been using. It is certainly an interesting time to be a part of the industry.

March 7, 2019

Changing the Cannabis Narrative

This week’s update includes two notable medical patents. US10213390 covers using cannabis gel to treat behavioral problems which arise in children with Fragile X Syndrome. US10213439 covers a combination of a NSAID with cannabis to act as an anti-inflammatory, particularly for the treatment of endometriosis. Both patents issued on February 26, and represent the continued issuance of patents for cannabis-based medical treatments. Hopefully as more of these beneficial uses gain traction and recognition, the general attitude regarding cannabis will shift.

Several cannabis production applications also published this week. As the industry becomes more mainstream, it is impressive to see the creative ways in which people are cultivating and processing cannabis. However, these applications provide those in the community with an opportunity to identify methods which are already generally known to cannabis growers. Part of our mission here at MJPatents Weekly is to help ensure that the cannabis public domain is not locked up through illegitimate patents. We can only achieve this with your help. Together as a community we can change the narrative around cannabis.

February 28, 2019

A Lovely Couple of MJ Patents for Valentines Day, and More

“Cannabis Plant Mr. Grass Weedly” was published on January 3, 2019 as US2019/0000029.  We here at MJPW are nearly giddy to announce that he won’t be spending this Valentines Day alone…because…you guessed it…“Cannabis Plant Named Mrs. Grass Weedly” was published on February 7 as US2019/0037792 and appears on MJPW as part of our Valentines Week update. Both patents relate to hybrid cannabis cultivars and products derived from them. We wish them a happy time together at the Patent Office.

Another notable publication this week is US2019/0037909, “Cannabis-Based Moist Snuff.” It covers a wide range of Cannabis-based snuff products looking to unseat chewing tobacco. It is certainly worth watching as it moves forward through the patent-examination process.

Other interesting additions this week include a system for detecting cannabis and opiate use through breath, treatments for neurodegenerative disease, cocaine use, and HPV, and methods for purifying cannabis extracts.  Whether you love innovation, or love Cannabis itself, or just love a love story, you’ve gotta love this week’s update.

February 14, 2019

Synthetic Cannabinoid…Mother’s Milk…Xylooligos


The only MJ Patent to issue on Tuesday January 22, 2019 was US10183930B2, claiming crystalline forms of cannabinoid receptor modulators. In plain English, super-pure forms of molecules that bind to CB-2 (the same receptor that CBD binds to).

The patent lists treatment of disorders such as osteoarthritis; osteoporosis; autoimmune disorders; allergic reactions; atherosclerosis; anaphylaxis, graft rejection, gout, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune hepatitis, and type 1 diabetes mellitus; age-related macular degeneration; leukemia; lymphoma; prostate cancer; Alzheimer’s disease; stroke-induced damage; dementia; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; and Parkinson’s disease.

New applications published on Thursday January 17, 2019 included a dairy product made of human mother’s milk as its base product, “which has been tested for absence of undesirable chemicals, including prescription medication, illicit drugs, nicotine, and alcohol. With the prescription medication including lithium, chemo therapy agents, Ergotamine, and Bromocriptine, and the illicit drugs including any mind altering substances including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).” US20190014790A1

Another new application ferments carbohydrates found in Cannabis plants, producing flavor factors that include phenolics and everyone’s favorite spelling-bee word: xylooligosaccharides, and then optionally removes the alcohol made during the fermentation process. WO2019010576A1

January 23, 2019

A Tooth Camera to Watch Whether You’re Lighting Up or Brushing

This week’s most jaw-dropping patent has got to be US10178946B2, which issued on January 15. It claims an “oral monitoring system … adhered to a tooth for capturing images over a period of time” and yes, those images are intended by the inventor to include everything from good oral hygiene to marijuana use.

Other Cannabis-related patents this week include US10179109B2, a pharmaceutical composition treat headache and photophobia; and US10179683B2, for formulations containing cannabinoids for administration via a pump action spray. There were also 11 new US patent applications published on Thursday, January 10 and 6 new PCT applications published the same day.

January 16, 2019

Peruse…But also Comment on the Public Domain

The MJ Patents that issued on Tuesday, January 8 included a CDB toothpaste, an enhanced smokable plant material coated with cannabinoids extracted from spent hash resin, and a pain-relieving CBD mousse for dogs and other non-human mammals. MJ Patent Applications that were published on Thursday, January 3 included several biotech, medical, and agricultural-oriented inventions.

We invite the users of MJPW to not only peruse the over 10,000 US, Canadian, and International patent documents in the database, but also to comment on anything that appears to be an attempt to take subject matter out of the public domain. See “Patenting and the Public Domain” at PlantLaw.com.

January 11, 2019

A Christmas MJ Patent, and the First Patents of 2019

It is fitting that the only patent in this category to issue on the final Tuesday of 2018 (Christmas Day) was Design Patent USD0836484S, for a holiday wreath made of artificial marijuana leaves. Perfect timing, USPTO and inventor Michael Chadwell!

Then a week later, New Year’s Day 2019, four patents issued, covering “a method for producing powderized cannabis oil” (US10165790B2); a method for “reducing oxidative stress in liver tissue” using CBD (US10166202B2); a “flow regulating inhaler device” (US10166349B2); and a “cannabis plant stimulation lighting system” (US10165735B1).

These are examples of the diversity of the industry as it ends 2018 and moves into 2019.

January 1, 2019