Weed Goggles

Many readers are likely familiar with the goggles that simulate what one sees after drinking a bit too much. These have been staples of anti-impaired driving programs for many years. But now, these programs can also provide a simulation of what happens when one smokes too much. This week’s featured patent application, US20190287420, covers a “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SIMULATING COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT” that mimics the effects of recreational marijuana consumption. The invention consists of goggles designed to deviate the wearer’s color, depth, and line of sight perception. Innocorp, the applicant, is a major provider of impairment goggles for student training programs. With so many varieties of cannabis producing so many different effects, we can’t help but be curious how accurate these goggles will end up being.

September 27, 2019

Robots Will Soon Be Producing Your CBD

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to scale production. This week’s featured patent application, US20190276384A1, covers an “Automated Production Line for Preparing Cannabidiol Extract.” While we have seen a lot of methods for extracting cannabinoids here at MJ Patents Weekly, this is one of the first we’ve seen that tries to create a large-scale automated system. We will be watching with interest to see whether more large agriculture players will pursue more similar applications.

In other news, MJ Patents Weekly has hit a major milestone this week: our records now contain over 20,000 cannabis related patents and applications! It is exciting to be at the center of so much innovation and we look forward to what the next 20,000 documents will bring us.

September 21, 2019

Sweet Work If You Can Get It

Imagine you’re a bee minding your own business and somebody spikes your food with THC. How would you thank someone for doing that, if you were a bee? Of course you’d make some very special honey. Well, this isn’t your imagination, it’s a new patent application, US20190231826A1, invented by Amit Dov Avidov and Ilan Ben Simon. The title is BEE-INGESTIBLE COMPOSITIONS, METHODS OF USING SAME FOR PRODUCING HONEY AND HONEY PRODUCED THEREBY. It must be a good time to be a bee.

August 7, 2019

CBD Fixes EVERYTHING, Right? So Now it Makes You Look Younger, Too

This week on MJPW the featured publication is an international patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, publication # WO2019140357A1, invented by J. Phillip Kennedy of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It claims a method for reducing signs of aging by topically administering CBD. It also claims that this will lighten skin tone. So if you overdid it with the tanning this summer (or just looking older than you’d like to) rub in some CBD…and let us know if it works!

July 24, 2019

Too High?? Here, Chew This Gum!

We all know that you can’t die from an overdose of weed. But we also know people who have tried to test that theory by getting so much THC in their system that they felt pretty messed up. This week’s featured patent (US10350253B2, invented by Paul Epner et al.) is a gum that contains components of ginseng that counteract the effects of too much THC. The theory is that an ingredient in the ginseng binds to the CB1 receptors in the brain displacing or counteracting the effects of the THC. Did anybody out there already know this works? Or is this really a new invention?

July 18, 2019

New Plants, Containers Made of Cannabis, and More

This week’s updated contains only one issued patent: USPP030668P3 for “CANNABIS PLANT NAMED ‘DD-CT-BR5’”. This new plant is a derivative of Sour Bubble, and is notable for its comparatively high THC content (22.29%) with respect to its predecessor and its high flower yield (71.3 grams per square foot of canopy). The plant is also noted for its high trichome density, which makes it a good companion for US20190201936A1, an application covering “METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SEPARATING TRICHOMES FROM CANNABIS PLANT MATERIAL” by agitating frozen cannabis material in a two-chambered device with filters. Also of note this week is Canadian application CA3039179A1 for “BIODEGRADABLE FOOD ARTICLES AND METHODS OF PRODUCING SAME”, which incorporates cannabis (and other plant) fibers into renewable food trays. Looks like users may soon be getting their munchies delivered in containers made with cannabis. Just one more way cannabis can help make the planet better.

July 12, 2019

Diversity In the Industry

This week’s patents reflect the diversity of the industry and more importantly the incredible variety of things people can do with the plant. At one end of the spectrum is a harvester designed especially for large-scale harvesting of hemp flowers—think thousands of acres of giant, tall plants and many tons of harvested flower (US10334785B2, invented by Heinrich Wieker).

At the other end of the spectrum is a system for controlling the growth of a plant so that it can be compact enough to be a houseplant but still productive enough to be your FAVORITE houseplant. This invention guides the elongating stalk of the plant to grow in a spiral so that the plant can get “big” without being super tall (US10334791Β2, invented by Michael Newton, Alan Newton and Cheryl Newton). Congratulations to these inventors for their creativity and contributions to the industry.

July 8, 2019

Cannabis Self-Care

We all know that life can be stressful and taking care of ourselves is important. Cannabis can certainly help, but this week’s update includes some pampering tools fit for a spa day. The first treatment is a cannabis based skin and face cream for moisturizing and repairing skin (US20190183845A1). For those who might have spent too much time out in the summer sun, WO2019118591A1 provides a burn treatment dressing containing cannabidiol, so consider stocking up before July 4th next week. Once your skin is taken care of, give your hair some of WO2019113656A1’s “leave-on hair care composition,” including cannabis oil. And finally, for those looking for some more intimate relaxation, granted patent US10327983B2 covers a “ganja vibe,” pictured to the left. One has to wonder if there is anything cannabis can’t do at this point.

June 28, 2019

Biotech Institute Continues To Grow

Though people in the cannabis community may question its motives, Biotech Institute LLC has been prolifically active in the cannabis patent space. This week’s update continues this trend, with Biotech Institute being responsible for 11 US and international applications published. Eight are US plant patent publications, claiming new cultivars designated as “Grape Lolipop,” “Raspberry Punch,” “Guava Jam,” “Rainbow Gummeez,” “Holy Crunch,” “Primo Cherry,” “Cake Batter,” and “Lemon Crush.” We invite our users to explore these applications below and discuss whether these new cultivars are truly novel.

Biotech Institute also had three international publications for “High Cannabigerol Cannabis Plants, Methods of Producing and Methods of Using Them,” “Propyl Cannabinoid Hemp Plants, Methods of Producing and Methods of Using Them,” and “Specialty Plants and Cannabinoid Compositions Comprising Hexyl Butyrate.” These underscore the ever-expanding hunt for new cannabinoids and plants with high concentrations of them. As cannabis moves more mainstream, we are interested to watch the research and discovery of cannabinoids that have not yet been fully explored.

June 21, 2019

It’s Film Week At MJPatents Weekly

This week, among other things, there were two new patents that issued with claims to thin films that deliver some kind of Cannabis-related formulations. Interestingly, at least by outward appearances, these inventors and owners are not related to each other—the inventions are independent.

One “film patent,” US10307394B2, entitled “Dosage delivery film” was invented by Sergey Y. Chistov and is owned by SPARTAK LLC of NEW JERSEY. Its claims are all about a cannabinoid-cyclodextrin complex which has a hydrophilic surfactant shell.

The other “film patent,” US10307397B2, having the title “Oral dissolvable film that includes plant extract,” was co-invented by: Eric Allen, Robert Davidson, Tony LaRosa and David Reid. The patent is owned by CONCEPT MATRIX SOLUTIONS and CURE PHARMACEUTICAL HOLDING CORP., both of CALIFORNIA. This patent claims an oral dissolvable thin film containing (a) water; (b) a binder; (c) a lipid; (d) glycerin as an emulsifier; (e) a cannabinoid; (f) a flavoring agent; (g) a sweetener; and (h) a powder coating; and a lot of other properties that define how it dissolves.

This coincidental issuance of two unrelated “film patents” on the same day is just one of many examples of the fact that in a booming industry there is plenty of room for innovation, and that patentable subject matter isn’t always as dominant and preclusive of other innovations in similar technologies as people think.

June 6, 2019